Teeth Whitening, Done Right!

Teeth Whitening Shade ChartWhiter, Brighter Teeth!

Teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Even though your teeth, gums, and entire mouth may be in perfect health, your teeth may darken or yellow with time. This change in color occurs through no fault of your own. It’s just part of the natural aging process. Obviously, this can put a real damper on your overall look, even affecting your confidence and self-esteem. So, to restore a youthful appearance, many people are opting for teeth whitening, available through many different products and procedures.

Commercially Available Products

Over-the-counter whitening products have become very fashionable, and are practically the norm at your supermarket or drug store. These options include toothpaste, mouth rinses, stick-on whitening strips, and others. However, while they may provide some marginal results over a period of prolonged use, they simply can’t measure up to the results achieved by whitening systems available at the dentist’s office.

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist’s

Teeth whitening systems can take several forms. At our practice, we provide at-home whitening that utilizes custom-fitted trays. We take an impression of your teeth and create a mouthpiece that is just for you! Then you fill it with the whitening solution provided, and you are free to wear the device at your convenience!

If you’re looking for fast and effective whitening, ask us about it your next appointment. Or, contact us today by calling (518) 273-0089. We are happy to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your options, what results you can expect, and determine a teeth whitening plan that is best for you!


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