Tooth Colored Fillings

Most patients are familiar with the purpose of fillings – they are most often placed to treat cavities and prevent further tooth decay, but natural looking tooth colored fillings can also restore the appearance of enamel. Dr. Thomas Miller offers tooth colored fillings to improve tooth exterior look and structure. Unlike metal or mercury fillings, tooth colored fillings blend easily with other teeth. Bonded to your teeth for strength as well as beauty, they can be used to repair cavities or restore defects or chipped teeth, and can be used to replace obvious or old metal fillings. With expert creation and placement by an experienced dentist, tooth colored fillings can effectively restore 100% of normal tooth strength. Tooth colored fillings are natural-looking and help strengthen and protect injured or decayed teeth. Find out more about th e benefits of attractive tooth colored fillings at the office of Thomas R. Miller, DDS.

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