If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, dentures provide a customized and affordable solution. State-of-the-art denture materials allow patients to restore function and appearance for a natural, personalized smile enhancement. If you have remaining teeth, Dr. Miller will try to save as many of your natural teeth as possible and place an overdenture around them. In keeping the remaining natural teeth, Dr. Miller is helping you preserve bone, maintain chewing pressure, and stabilize the overdenture. When all teeth are missing, a removable full denture or implant-supported denture is a good option. With modern denture technology, Dr. Miller is able to restore your chewing ability by fitting your denture comfortably and naturally. With custom fitting, Dr. Miller can tailor your denture for optimum function and appearance. Keep in mind that dentures do not have the biting and chewing strength of natural teeth. Dr. Miller will give you detailed guidelines on how to use and care for your new dentures. It may take a short period of time to adjust to wearing your new dentures, and they will feel natural the more you wear them.

For placement of overdentures, the patient’s remaining teeth, or dental implants, are carefully shaped to the necessary size, then covered with metal castings which help attach the denture. The denture fits snugly onto the teeth or implants for maximum support.

If you require full dentures, Dr. Miller will help you decide whether you need conventional or immediate dentures. With conventional dentures, the process starts after any tooth removal, takes about six appointments and includes a trial fitting. With immediate dentures, an impression is made before tooth removal, and the denture is placed and inserted as soon as the teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures are preferred for use in patients who need to have their upper front teeth removed and allow patients to avoid going out in public “toothless.”

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