Night Guards

Dental Night GuardsProtective Dental Night Guards in Troy, NY

Custom-fitted night guards to protect teeth from nighttime grinding (bruxism).

Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth. It’s a fairly common habit with about 1 in 3 exhibiting the behavior, yet most don’t even realize they’re affected. Many times it occurs while sleeping at night, usually due to elevated stress or anxiety.

Grinding at night is especially destructive for teeth. Researchers estimate we can exert as much as ten times the force of normal eating, such as when chewing a steak. Without intervention, bruxism will eventually wear down enamel, chewing surfaces appear flat, and teeth may become more sensitive as dentin (the interior tooth structure) is exposed. Teeth in this condition will also be more prone to chips, cracks and decay.

Part of every check-up involves looking for physical signs of wear from clenching or grinding, and we may observe your condition over several visits to monitor the severity. If you’re aware of a nightly grinding habit, just let us know and we can fit you with a special mouthguard, or night guard.

Our custom-fitted acrylic night guards are effective at preventing further damage. We take an impression so the fit of the guard is very precise, and the material is very thin and comfortable to wear at night. For a consultation on bruxism and night guards, contact us today!

Night Guard Features and Benefits

  • Protects teeth from nightly tooth grinding
  • Relieves jaw/muscle pain due to grinding
  • Custom-fit to stay in place throughout the night
  • Ultra-thin design is comfortable to wear

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