Tooth Colored Fillings FAQ

Are mercury fillings harmful?

Silver amalgam fillings typically contain about 50% mercury, a toxic substance. Some experts claim that this mercury can emit a vapor and cause harm to the body, although there is no substantial documentation of injury. For safety reasons, many patients choose to avoid the potential risk that metal fillings may pose.

What are the advantages of mercury and metal-free fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings are the filling of choice at the office of Dr. Thomas R. Miller. The porcelain material we use offers all the strength and durability of metal fillings with a natural appearance. Tooth-colored fillings are matched to your teeth for an invisible tooth surface look. Tooth colored fillings are stronger and longer-lasting than composite fillings.

How easy is it to replace old fillings with new tooth colored fillings?

Fillings are simple procedures that can be performed quickly and affordably, and removing an old filling is an easy task. Choosing to replace older fillings can make a big difference in the appearance of your smile. With tooth-colored fillings, treated teeth are nearly indistinguishable from normal teeth!

How are tooth colored fillings placed?

Dr. Miller will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth area, and then remove the decay using special drills or micro air abrasion. An impression of the tooth is taken, and a custom piece of porcelain is sculpted to fit your unique tooth. The permanent filling is placed during your next appointment. Dr. Miller will use articulating paper to make sure your bite is correct and comfortable, and polish the tooth.