Your Dental Treatment Plan

Are you wondering about your overall dental health? Would you like to have a complete dental examination by a professional who can describe options and help you to lay out priorities?

Many questions arise when we think about having dental work done. And cosmetic dentistry has advanced spectacularly in recent years, offering us so many new options, which we may not initially understand.

  • Am I a good candidate for: (teeth straightening, porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, or whatever option you might be wondering about)?
  • How much would it cost, and would my insurance cover some of it?
  • How long would it take?
  • How much pain would be involved?
  • My fillings are so large; do I need crowns or bridges?

Dr. Miller is a leading cosmetic and family dentist in the Albany, NY area.

  • For over 20 years, Dr. Miller and his exceptional staff have cared for residents with kindness, dental expertise and comfort
  • Our first class dental treatment plans include modern technology to ensure our patients get the most from their dental care
  • We are professional and personal, and we treat our patients just like family

We serve patients from 3 to 103 and we’re proud to have such a wonderful extended family

  • We’re all individuals when it comes to dental treatment and Dr. Miller offers the full range of up-to-date cosmetic and family dentistry for you to choose from.

Initial consultation

The first step is a thorough dental examination including X-rays. The second step is a conversation with Dr. Miller to determine the relative priorities, the right sequence of procedures, and the overall timing. The third step is a discussion of financial options. Dr. Miller will submit dental insurance claims and offers low-interest financing plans also.

An overview of options

  • Smile makeover – is a customized procedure to enhance your smile, making it brighter, more even, and esthetically pleasing
  • Porcelain crowns – are a way of correcting chipped, worn, or misaligned teeth and small gaps between the teeth
  • Bonding – a tooth-colored composite resin is used to correct chipping, small gaps and uneven discoloration
  • Tooth-colored fillings – can replace old metal fillings and blend evenly with the surrounding teeth. They can be used to fill cavities, and to restore defects such as chipped teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers – are custom-made, thin and tough, but translucent and natural-looking. They can be bonded to the front sides of your teeth to cover discoloration or unevenness, and to fill small spaces between teeth.
  • Dental implants – are a great way to replace missing teeth that can otherwise affect the functionality of your bite. They are permanently inserted into the jawbone and made to match your surrounding teeth.
  • Gum disease – can be treated with non-surgical methods such as scaling and root planing, where root surfaces are cleaned to remove the plaque causing the decay. Oral medications are also an option, and if necessary, Dr. Miller can perform gum surgery.
  • Tooth whitening – can be done in the office, or done at home over a period of weeks, with Dr. Miller’s assistance
  • Dentures – are sometimes necessary to replace missing teeth and restore your natural pleasing smile. Dr. Miller will try to save as many of your natural teeth as possible and if necessary can provide you with full dentures and help you become accustomed to wearing them.

More information is always helpful

Deciding on a plan is much easier when you have all the necessary information. Dr. Miller can explain each procedure and why it might or might not be a good option for you. He can also give you information about your existing dental status:

  • If you’ve been having headaches, jaw popping or facial pain, you may need a bite evaluation and a jaw joint and muscle examination
  • Oral cancer screening is always a wise option
  • X-rays will discover hidden decay and other abnormalities
  • Gum disease screening can head off any later tooth loss by addressing gum problems sooner rather than later
  • Teeth need to be professionally cleaned at regular intervals to prevent decay and gum problems

Fitting a dental plan into your life

We all have lives, usually busy ones, so that some planning may be necessary to accommodate a series of dental appointments. Dr. Miller will listen to your concerns in this regard and together you can arrive at the best way to proceed.

Financing options

If you have dental insurance or a Flexible Spending plan, Dr. Miller will work with you to make the most of it. If private financing is necessary, you can choose from several low-interest plans.

Financial concerns should not be a factor in your dental health maintenance. Dr. Miller will work with you to find a treatment that is right for all of your needs: dental, personal, and financial.